I use vintage, natural dyed, or linen fabrics for my textile art and find my inspiration from nature.

About Me


My Artist Statement

Understanding that her passion for handwork and crafts was drawn from her grandmother, today Elizabeth Richards uses the skills gained in the creation of her quilts and textile art. Finding pleasure in tactile works, she loves making textiles filled with texture and color. Gratification is found in naturally dyed linen, vintage textiles, and recycled fabrics and her inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. Mesmerized by the bright, bold colors of summer and the subdued, calm colors of fall, her goal is to share the joy found in her creations.

My Medium

My Circle series includes cyanotype(sun print) fabric, and vintage napkins printed with screen print paint in various shapes. The slow stitches add more interest and texture along with batting to soften the art on canvas.

Mixing paint, thread and vintage fabrics along with various shapes and the circles of fabric printed in the sunshine are my way of including the beauty of the past, nature, and mark making in my artwork.


My Inspiration

Nature is the inspiration for my art and adding stitches to my work gives me time to reflect and intentionally slow down. I strive to meditate, relax, and enjoy my creative process with mindfulness.